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Want to know the secret weapon to making serious gains?

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You're following a training program, pushing yourself beyond your limits but you're stuck. Stuck being able to push past your training plateau.

Lifting heavier weights = bigger gains. Right?
You're following your routine to the rep, never missing a workout...

Spending 2 hours in the gym every single day, pushing yourself to get stronger, faster, fitter...
But you're stuck and you're spending all of your time and energy in the gym.

What if we told you, there is another way.

173 Day occlusion training-wear Transformation

After suffering over 20 bilateral dislocations in both his shoulders, heavy weight training wasn't an option for him due to the increase risk of repeated dislocation that occurs with each incident, as well as the fact that he has fractured both wrists during his time as a motocross athlete, so he became the perfect challenge for VOTwear.

Starting out at 94kg bodyweight and only managing a deadlift of 120kg, to ending at 104kg bodyweight and 200kg deadlift, we quickly got him to the best shape of his life.

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VOTwear has launched the world’s first venous occlusion training wear: the Hypertrophy Manual 1 (HTM1).

The HTM1 increases muscle gains, whilst lifting up to 70% lighter weights, by restricting the venous outflow of the working muscle with a hypertrophy band that’s integrated in the HTM1 wear.

The research and development behind the production of VOTwear’s HTM1 saw the product awarded the "2019 Invention of the Year award" by the Union of Practitioners for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

You may be sceptical at first, but when you try it out - WOW! 


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What is Venous Blood Flow Restriction Training?

In the most simplest of terms, venous occlusion training is the reduction of the lumen of the peripheral veins in the proximal part of the working muscle, to increase metabolic waste concentration, and thus, increase the bodies anabolic hormone reaction with a lot less weight that conventional training (20-30% 1MR). During properly performed venous occlusion training, arterial nutrient rich blood is able to enter the muscle via arterial flow; though, due to the hypertrophy bands, the veins are narrowed so that the blood pools, like a dam within the working muscle, and is prevented from leaving the working muscle in its entirety, thus directly causing muscle hypertrophy or "the pump".

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How do I apply occlusion training to my workouts?

The research done on this training system is thorough and heavy. Scientists have discovered several benefits ranging from increases in muscle memory, mind-muscle
connection, strength gains, fat burning, muscle building, as well as balancing your blood pressure and having other physiotherapeutic benefits. The list goes on.

Use occlusion training in 5 easy steps.

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How Do I Know If I Have Hit The Plateu?

The quick answer: neurological fatigue.
This occurs when your central nervous system (CNS) gets completely "burned out" or exhausted due to the stress of training, and is therefore not firing signals of contraction to your muscles with the same magnitude as they did before.

Read more here.

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Is VOTwear safe? 

The great thing about the occlusion wear is that the integrated bands have a fail safe mechanism. Even if one goes to the highest level of occlusion (level 4) , it will still only restrict ones venous blood flow return, and not ones arterial blood supply! Ruling out the risk of cutting out arterial blood flow no matter how bad you are at following directions. Making it already much safer than any bfr-bands on the market today!

and we aren't even done yet, read more here.


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