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Ask yourself these 3 questions

1. Do you believe you can improve your physique?
2. Do you know the secret that only pro athletes and doctors know, making their workouts fast, easy, and calculated?
3. If you knew the secret, would you act on it?

After you have finished your final bicep curl, you chuck down the weight – you have broken a sweat, you feel the pump in your arms, and you are feeling accomplished that you finished your workout.

You push through the locker room door, and wander over to the mirror to check out your progress…

You look identical to how you looked before you started working out.

“No matter how hard I work, I look the same. What is the point?”

We’ve all been here.

You know there is a secret out there – something that everyone else knows, but you don’t.

A secret that, if you knew what it was, you would be able to achieve the gains you are working so hard for.

This secret has been kept behind closed doors, only being used by professional athletes…

And because there has never been a product on the market that allows anyone, no matter their body composition, to achieve maximum gains…

That is, until…

BFR Training Gear from VOTwear (HTM1) launched!

Built by a team of certified doctors, HTM1
from VOTwear is scientifically proven to...

Maximize gains while lifting lighter weights
Enhance your athletic ability
Accelerate hypertrophy and muscle growth
Lead to faster recovery
Maximize gains while lifting lighter weights
Enhance your athletic ability
Accelerate hypertrophy and muscle growth
Lead to faster recovery
Sounds nice, right? What if I told you the shirt also…

Is Tailor Fitted (for the fitted look you want in a gym shirt)

Is Buttery Soft (for comfort while exercising)

… and is seen in or endorsed by ESPN, the NFL, the Military Times, and many more

The difference is clear – take a look for yourself 

Regular Gym Shirt

Does nothing to help you workout

Was NOT built by doctors

Has no data behind achieving maximum gains while working out

VOTwear HTM1 Shirt:

Scientifically proven to achieve gains faster

Built by a team of 5 Doctors, 4 Pro Athletes, 2 Medical Students and 1 Physiotherapist

The progress happens FAST – you will feel the pump quick!


The doctors at VOTwear that built the HTM1 made sure to make this as simple as possible.


Step One

You go to the gym, just as you normally would


Step Two

You do the same exercises you normally do.


Step Three

For your finishing sets, you tighten up the built-in bands on the HTM1 gear, use lighter weights, and start achieving maximum gains! 

Image Product

It truly is that simple.

Backed by science, and winners of “Invention of the Year 2019” as well as “Brand of the Year 2021”, VOTwear’s HTM1 gear is the world’s leading BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training gear.

This gear is usually only reserved for professional athletes, because there has never been BFR gear made for the average gym-goer…


Here is what your peers are saying about VOTwear...

I feel more confident walking around the gym… I am seeing HUGE gains (especially in my arms)... and the only difference is wearing VOTwear’s gear! It is crazy how fast I saw results – I can’t believe this isn’t used by everyone wanting to workout.

I have been using it for a while now and I am not going back to ordinary t-shirts again. And why would I? I have been able to push myself to some incredible results in what seems like half the usual time period. Those pumps you get - are unholy! #bazookaarms 😬

Was lil bit hesitated about the occlusion idea, after first try everybody was looking and asking for the HUGE PUMP and got interested in the wear, thinking its new amazing technique to mix with old workouts that I usually did in past. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

Never felt stronger! One of the best sportswear that I've ever had on me! The way that you can adjust the shirt during the workout is just so mind-blowing to me. I've started seeing results only after a couple of days.

Ready to maximize your gains without the painstaking hours of living in the gym?

5 medical doctors, 4 pro athletes, 2 medical students and one physiotherapist have built gear that works FOR YOU!

Grab the HTM1 Gear – Free Shipping!

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Our Personal Guarantee To You

VOTwear’s HTM1 Gear is made to work for everyone.
For that reason, we offer free returns or exchanges for 30 days.

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What is Venous Blood Flow Restriction Training?

In the simplest of terms, venous occlusion training is the reduction of the lumen of the peripheral veins in the proximal part of the working muscle, to increase metabolic waste concentration, and thus, increase the bodies anabolic hormone reaction with a lot less weight that conventional training (20-30% 1MR). During properly performed venous occlusion training, arterial nutrient rich blood is able to enter the muscle via arterial flow; though, due to the hypertrophy bands, the veins are narrowed so that the blood pools, like a dam within the working muscle, and is prevented from leaving the working muscle in its entirety, thus directly causing muscle hypertrophy or "the pump".

Why have I never heard of BFR training?

BFR use is currently limited to professional sports teams and medical practitioners due to the prohibitive cost of equipment, and the difficulty of use, meaning clinical guidance is required. VOTWear has manufactured the worlds first BFRWear that is both safe and effective for personal use, whilst driving the price down and providing all of the incredible benefits of BFR.

I want bigger arms, how should I use my HTM1 Wear?

At the end of an upper body session, as a finisher add a set of BFR bicep curls, followed by a set of BFR tricep pull downs wearing your BFRwear and watch your arms explode! Research has shown significant increases in muscle size and strength after only 2 weeks of consistent BFR use.

I want bigger glutes, how should I use my BFRWear?

At the end of a leg session, as a finisher add a set of BFR glute bridges wearing your BFRtights and watch your glutes grow! Research has shown significant increases in muscle size and strength after only 2 weeks of consistent BFR use.