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HTM1 by VOTwear

Seen in British GQ MAGAZINE, WIRED and going viral all over the internet!
Occlusion training
After being seen in British GQ three months in a row, VOTWEAR vitality isn't stopping, as now, it has been seen in WIRED MAGAZINE

"VOTwear the Norwegian based luxury SmartWear company is back! Specialising in the innovation of sustainable smart training apparel that aims to have an impact on the user’s muscle growth.

Votwear GQ occlusion training


This award winning product; the Venous Occlusion Training Wear: HTM1, is the World’s First Occlusion Training wear, aiding directly in your growth no matter your age." - SEEN in British GQ 


What is votwear occlusion training



Revolutionising the SmartClothing industry and are growing quickly with help of the super agency Virtue Clan.


Who is behind votwear




This is is just the beginning for this viral muscle growth changing wear. 


Bfrwear votwear




The team is global, ranging from medical doctors to teachers and World class athletes! This is a group of individuals on the Vanguard of innovation that is spreading their bio-hacking tricks like wild fire. 

Worlds First Occlusion Training wear



Follow them on Instagram @VOTwear #bfrwear 

And don't blink, or you'll miss their rapid expansion and miss the movement of Occlusion Training. 


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