Get the Hypertrophy Manual 1: worlds first venous occlusion training wear


First of its Kind

Based on the world known Venous blood flow restriction training, occlusion training or kaatsu training.

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Less is More

Designed with intergrated occlusion bands for functionality and durability

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The HTM1

Increases muscle mind connection and muscle gains with as low as 50-70% lighter weights

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Reshaping the idea of Growth

Pain has never been this comfortable

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Time to level up


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Venous Occlusion training: Less is more

invention of the year

VOTwear's  HTM1 is proud to have won the  "Invention of the Year award"  during the  Medical Congress of 2019, held by the Union of Practitioners for Complimentary and Alternative medicine .

How it works

By restricting the venous outflow of a working muscle with our hypertrophy band (intergrated in the HTM1 wear) , the result of blood flow restriction training can be summed up into:

- Increase muscle gains by lifting up to 70% lighter weights

- Increase in strength and lactic acid tolerance.

- Boosts muscle anabolic hormone like HGH

- Conversion of slow twitch muscle fiber to fast twitch.

Recover smarter

Whether recovering from injury or preventing over training, Venous Occlusion Training is your perfect companion.

 which is why you can do it everyday!

Is it safe?

 The Scandinavian journal of Medicine & Science in sports suggests: 

"(Occlusion trianing) Blood flow restriction training research thus far is promising with respect to safety outcomes. "

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