Vanguard Of all Things is an Oslo based company that is specialized in the innovation of smart training apparel.


VOTwear founders consist of two Medical Students, one Physiotherapist, four Pro-athletes and five Medical Doctors, all coming together to make training-wear smarter and more directly supplementary to your training than ever before. With our latest addition being Frank Chase, Former global senior market place director of 33 years at Nike. 


Embarking upon this journey with our first product, the "Hypertrophy Manual adjustment 1" (HTM1).


A training wear that aids you in reaching muscle hypertrophy faster, easier with lighter weights than ever before in the history of training apparel, playing a large role in the future of Rehab, training and de-loading phase of training as we know it.  Thus winning us the award of "Invention of the year 2019" by UPMCA. And "Luxury smart-wear company of the year 2021 by Global Health and Pharma. (Read more about our product here)

We are happy to announce that the next step in the evolution of training is here and we are bringing it straight to You!