What is Venous Blood Flow Restriction Training?

In the simplest of terms, venous occlusion training is the reduction of the lumen of the peripheral veins in the proximal part of the working muscle, to increase metabolic waste concentration, and thus, increase the bodies anabolic hormone reaction with a lot less weight that conventional training (20-30% 1MR). During properly performed venous occlusion training, arterial nutrient rich blood is able to enter the muscle via arterial flow; though, due to the hypertrophy bands, the veins are narrowed so that the blood pools, like a dam within the working muscle, and is prevented from leaving the working muscle in its entirety, thus directly causing muscle hypertrophy or "the pump".

How do I apply BFR training to my workouts?

The research done on this training system is thorough and heavy. Scientists have discovered several benefits ranging from increases in muscle memory, mind-muscle connection, strength gains, fat burning, muscle building, as well as balancing your blood pressure and having other physiotherapeutic benefits. The list goes on. Use occlusion training in 5 easy steps.

How Do I Know If I Have Hit The Plateau?

The quick answer: neurological fatigue. This occurs when your central nervous system (CNS) gets completely "burned out" or exhausted due to the stress of training, and is therefore not firing signals of contraction to your muscles with the same magnitude as they did before. Read more here.

Does BFR training help you get bigger legs?

Yes, absolutely. By training legs whilst partially occluding blood flow to the legs, you will cause cell swelling of the muscle cells and produce significant amounts of muscle building hormones. Research shows size and strength increases of ~20 and ~31% respectively in association with consistent BFR use.

I want bigger arms, how should I use my HTM1 Wear?

At the end of an upper body session, as a finisher add a set of BFR bicep curls, followed by a set of BFR tricep pull downs wearing your BFRwear and watch your arms explode! Research has shown significant increases in muscle size and strength after only 2 weeks of consistent BFR use.

I want bigger calves, how should I use my BFRwear?

At the end of a leg session, as a finisher add a set of BFR calf raises wearing your BFR Tights and watch your calves swell! Research has shown significant increases in muscle size and strength after only 2 weeks of consistent BFR use.

I want bigger glutes, how should I use my BFRWear?

At the end of a leg session, as a finisher add a set of BFR glute bridges wearing your BFRtights and watch your glutes grow! Research has shown significant increases in muscle size and strength after only 2 weeks of consistent BFR use.

What is optimal? Bodyweight/ weights or bands?

Combining first lifting conventional heavy weights before your BFR session, then ending your weightlifting session with BFR training is seen as more superior to BFR alone or weight training alone. BFR training is unique in its ability to achieve high levels of muscular hypertrophy regardless of the method of exercise used, so long as you are working to failure. With the BFRwear you can perform muscle enhancing BFR training literally anywhere, with or without equipment, making this a truly remarkable way to train. Because the metabolic stress caused by BFR is such a potent muscle building stimulus, the optimal way to use BFR is quite simply the way that suits you and your current environment best. For example, if you are performing a weightlifting session in a gym, you can use BFR with light weighted loads, or with resistance bands, or with bodyweight. If you are somewhere (e.g. your home) with no access to weights, use BFR with resistance bands or bodyweight exercises. Switch it up from time to time to keep your sessions fun!

Can older individuals use BFR wear?

Just about anyone without medical contraindications can use BFRwear, but you must check the safety guide and read the "Warnings and Disclaimers" before commencing training. For older individuals, it is recommended that you first check with your Doctor to see if this type of training is appropriate for you.

Is it supposed to be painful?

BFR training is something that you must become accustomed to, and initially it may feel uncomfortable. You wouldn’t expect 3 sets of 10 reps using conventional methods (~70% 1 repetition max) to be ‘easy’, and the same applies here, only, due to the large lactic acid amounts being accumulated, the burn is much more intense, and the benefits of BFR are anything but conventional. They’re down right mind blowing… So, be prepared to feel uncomfortable, but also be prepared to see your rapid gains!

Why does my skin change colour?

With some very fair skinned individuals, they should expect some discolouration of the limbs as the venous blood pools. Tones of purple, red, and a mottled appearance are common, but not harmful. This happens because deoxygenated blood appears blue/purple which can be seen as the limb swells with venous blood during occlusion training.

How should using the BFRwear feel?

It will feel like a throbbing sensation with tightening of the skin, or for those experienced with lifting, a long and sustained ‘pump’ much like after performing drop sets. But be warned, the pump can last for hours after your session! You might need some bigger shirts!

When should I take the straps off?

You should remove the straps at the end of the prescribed exercises – see our training plans for a clearer understanding of how to use the BFRwear

Do I keep the strap applied between sets?

You should keep the straps applied throughout a whole set, even while resting, and release them at the end of a set. As you become accustomed to the sensations of BFR training and grow in confidence, you can leave the straps applied throughout the BFR portion of your session. If you feel pain, moderate to severe tingling or numbness, or feel faint, release the bands immediately, and do not surpass that occlusion level of the bands on your next BFR session.

How long can I stay occluded with the BFRWear?

While there is no precise amount of time you should remain occluded, due to the way BFR works and the four levels of pressure available in the BFRWear, it’s unlikely you will squeeze any more benefit once you’ve done a 4-5 set training session on that muscle group. We recommend you spend between 10-20 minutes (2-4 exercises), and no more than 20 minutes performing BFR per day. For example, if you train your lower body, you should pick 2-4 BFR exercises across: quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, and perform no more than 1 exercise per muscle of 4-5 sets. If you trained your upper body, you should pick 2-4 BFR exercises across; triceps, biceps, forearms, chest, back, and shoulders, and perform no more than 1 exercise per body part of 4-5 sets.

Where in my session should I use the BFRwear?

BFRWear should be introduced at the end of your session as a finisher in place of traditional ‘burner sets’ or ‘drop sets’ to maximally stimulate muscle growth and squeeze every last drop out of your session.

What is the difference between blood flow restriction (BFR) and occlusion traininng?

In the context of exercise, they are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. It is also sometimes called ‘Kaatsu training’. They involve a partial or non exsistent occlusion of blood flow such that blood flows into the limb freely, and the return flow is restricted by around 70% depending on level of pressure applied. A full occlusion would completely stop the flow of blood into a limb which can damage arteries, muscles and nerves and can cause blood clots. When we refer to occlusion training on our website or social platforms, we mean ‘partial Venous occlusion training’.

How do I add BFR to a CrossFit WOD?

By adding a set of BFR training to the end of your WOD, you will maximally stimulate your muscle fibres and squeeze every last drop out of your WOD resulting in a greater muscle growing stimulus. For example, replace the last round of your WOD with BFR (or add a round if you are an absolute warrior). Apply your BFRWear tights and perform air squats for a continuous 2-3 minute period, or, apply your BFRWear arm straps and perform press-ups for a continuous 2-3 minute period and record your reps. Get the mirror ready, your muscles are going to swell.

How can BFR training help with my football training?

BFR will improve your muscular performance and translate to improved athletic performance. Expect to improve your speed, acceleration, strength on the ball, and playing endurance with consistent use. BFR training will also help you to recover more efficiently.

Why have I never heard of BFR training ?

BFR use is currently limited to professional sports teams and medical practitioners due to the prohibitive cost of equipment, and the difficulty of use, meaning clinical guidance is required. VOTWear has manufactured the worlds first BFRWear that is both safe and effective for personal use, whilst driving the price down and providing all of the incredible benefits of BFR.

Is VOTwear safe?

The great thing about the occlusion wear is that the integrated bands have a fail safe mechanism. Even if one goes to the highest level of occlusion (level 4) , it will still only restrict ones venous blood flow return, and not ones arterial blood supply! Ruling out the risk of cutting out arterial blood flow no matter how bad you are at following directions. Making it already much safer and consistent in its use than any bfr-bands on the market today! and we aren't even done yet, read more here.

Which individuals should not use BFR?

Do not use if: Pregnant or Breastfeeding History of vasculitis or varicose veins History of coagulopathies, thrombosis or embolism Hepatitis or any hepatic pathologies that strain or impair liver function If you’ve recently been in surgery, a traumatic event or accident. Below 16 years of age Stop use immediately if you feel any Needles in your periphery limbs or loss of feeling. Contact your doctor before use to see if peripheral venous blood flow resistant training is right for you. By breaking seal upon purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions of releasing us from any responsibility for any misuse or abuse of product resulting in damage or injury to self, others or product.

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