We take a look inside the human body during occlusion training, and the results are amazing

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So, What actually happens within us during an VOTwear session of light intensity occlusion training?  (If you are living under a rock and havnt tried this type of training, you can simply find such workout plans here)

Occlusion training is the act of maximizing the blood flow to the working muscle by active exercise, while minimizing the venous return out of the same muscle using specific localized pressure!

Inside the Vessels

Due to this, lactic acid accumulates within the muscle in abnormal quantities, and blood vessels expand due to the new pressure created, increasing the heart-rate and over-all circulation in the body!

The cells found inside the vessels produce Nitric Oxide, Which in addition increases the elasticity of the vessels and circulation of blood!


Inside the muscles

Occlusion Training also boots strength gains and muscle mass, as well as endurance and the muscles natural lactic acid threshold!

Our body has two types of muscle fibers, Fast twitch, and slow twitch. Fast twitch acts on explosive strength and mass, while Slow twitch is responsible for endurance and high lactic acid threshold.


Usually impossible to train both these different fibers at once! However, the sudden environment of low oxygen levels and accumulation of lactic favors the growth of both types of fibers simultaneously! This is only reached naturally by high intensity training, which is exactly what we trick the brain into believing is happening!

In the bloodstream

After a series of exercises, lactic acid will be produced and accumulated by preventing a majority of it from leaving the muscle due to the occlusion bands, which awakens the growth receptors in the muscle, and also tricks the pituitary gland of the brain to release Human Growth Hormones 290% higher than normal training, as well as anabolic factors and adrenaline !




The accumulation in lactic acid and the low oxygenated blood accumulated in the muscle is the driving force that creates the cascade of anabolic responses to the training!  Awakening the receptors in all the muscle groups trained prior to your occlusion training routine, causing yet another boost in growth hormone that benefits the growth of type 1 and 2 fibers all the muscles you’ve trained before your occlusion training as well!  This is what we call a systemic response to a localized site of activation!

Even boosting anabolic hormones and increasing the overall metabolism and fat consumption! 

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You can watch the entire video about this on youtube here

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-Author Of This BlogPost: Mehdi Ettehadulhagh M.D.

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