VOTWEAR : World's First & Leading BFR-training Wear seen in VOGUE

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The Occlusion Training Wear by Votwear

Seen in British GQ MAGAZINE, WIRED UK, Vanity Fair Magazine and now VOUGE - a TECHWEAR thats going viral all over the internet!


VOTwear seen in Vouge Retail 

"There is no going back to old ways once you have experienced their HTM1.."


the World’s First Occlusion Training wear based on peer-review studies on occlusion training." - SEEN in VOUGE retail


This is just the beginning for this viral muscle growth accelerating wear. 


The team is global, ranging from medical doctors to teachers and World class athletes! This is a group of individuals on the Vanguard of innovation that is spreading their bio-hacking tricks like wild fire, and are currently working on their second secret line of SmartWear parallel to their Occlusion Training Wear.  


BFR-training wear seen in VOGUE


They even recently released their Norwegian designed Swizz engineered Limited edition watches in a sister project partnership called "Alexander May" which were recently seen in VANITY FAIR.


Follow them on Instagram @VOTwear 

And don't blink, or you'll miss their rapid expansion, thus falling behind on the phenomenon of the #bfrwear the #bfrtights and the upcoming new SmartWear line yet to be discovered! 

Get yours now: votwear.com/products 

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