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First, select the Exercise category you want to train within, and follow the steps:


Subcategories: Time-Based or Repetition-Based

Before choosing a weight (30-50% of your one max rep) manually tighten the hypertrophy bands on the respected muscle you will start working on and start your training with:

  • 30 second of work, (each rep done with a cadence of two seconds)
  • 30 seconds of rest
  • Reps are done until failure – but for not more than a total time of 10min.

For best results, time-based HTM1 Training is compatible with the following exercises in respect to what hypertrophy bands are tightened.

This training variant is only applicable at the end of your regular workout routine as a finisher (most beneficial as a finisher), and depending on the muscle / muscles you have trained that day. Or as a warmup before you start training that specific muscle, though not as beneficial.

For instance, if one has completed a leg day session, one should then tighten the hypertrophy bands of the corresponding muscle, (Upper quadricep) and complete the finisher sets.

The prescription will be:

  • Use a Weight as high as 50% to as low as 30% of your 1MR
  • 4 sets of 30, 15, 15, 15 with a cadence of two seconds per rep and 30 seconds rest in-between each set.
  • When you end your HTM1 repetition-based finisher sets, loosen the hypertrophy bands, add a heavier weight (between 50%-80% of your 1MR)
  • Perform a last 5th set of 15 reps.



Subcategory: Intervals


Cycling: Only performed when thigh bands are activated

Low cycle resistance of 50% of what you would normally set, and intervals of
– 1-minute cycling
– 30 seconds rest (for not more than 10 minutes total)


Normal cycle resistance of your desired setting, and intervals of
– 30 sec cycling at a cycle speed of 30%-50% your max speed
– 30 sec rest

On both interval options, end with a 1min cooldown set with Hypertrophy bands deactivated.


Subcategory: Intervals


Sprinting: only performed when Thigh bands are activated.

Any distance, as long as you can sprint it in less than 30 seconds.
– 30 seconds sprints (strides) at 30-50%
– 30 seconds rest (rest by walking, not stationary)

Very useful in sprint form training and stride training for sprinters, as the speed is between 30% - 50% of max speed.

End with Sprinting the last two intervals with bands loosened at 50-70%. 


Here are the exercises to get you started – and what hypertrophy bands are used.
Everything you need in one spot.

Bicep Bands

  • Any Isolative Bicep Exercise
  • Any Isolative Triceps Exercise
  • Arnold press

Upper Quadricep Bands

  • Squats (any version)
  • Deadlifts
  • Leg-press
  • Leg extension
  • Hamstring flexion
  • Scandinavian hamstring curls

Calf Bands

  • Calf Raises (any variation)

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The Evolution: Hypertrophy M1

VOTwear’s first and newest innovation is built on years of research, as well as the world known occlusion training method and machines (such as the KAATSU and other hypertrophy aiding equipment) which many large clubs and corporations have tested or use on a regular basis due to its effectiveness in reaching hypertrophy and results in muscle gain. Some of the places venous occlusion training has been seen, mentioned or researched are major global corporations including the NFL and NASA in their research to fight muscle degeneration in space.



We know that by bringing this new step in the evolution of training to your front door, we will also be bringing you closer to your health goals, as well as to our future innovations within hypertrophy-aiding and smart training wear.

Up to date, this is the easiest and most consistent method to achieve muscle and strength growth via hypertrophy accelerating wear in a shorter amount of time than traditional weightlifting.

Whether it is in a healthy individual or a post-op patient in rehab fighting muscle degeneration. Substantial results in muscle gain have been witnessed in workouts using weights as low as 30% of an individual’s one max rep (age NOT being a factor for results). But the ideal weight ratio to maximise the benefits of training with hypertrophy accelerating wear is 50% - 30% of your one max rep.

An even greater method to maximise the benefits of hypertrophy resistance training is to combine it with traditional heavy weight lifting, simply by utilising this training technique at the end of a regular high-intensity training session. Its mechanism of action affects routes such as the reduction of the genetic expression of Myostatin (muscle growth inhibitor gene), boosting human growth hormones, and many other anabolic factors one can read directly from researchers all over the globe.

The Evolution: Hypertrophy M1

VOTwear constructed the HTM1 from scratch, respecting the anatomical outline of the human body, as well as designing the strategic anatomically placed and pressure accurate hypertrophy bands, which are integrated into the fabric, for easy use and maintenance, as well as delivering a consistent peripheral venous pressure of 50-100mmhg. Just enough to slow down (by approximately 30%) the venous blood flow return of your peripheral veins during your training, but allowing freely your arterial circulation untouched. By the mechanism of reducing the lumen of the peripheral veins from 100% open to 70%, leaving the central vein, and all arteries untouched, thus making it safe and consistently so, during every use.

In short, we have created, for the first time ever, training wear that directly aids significantly in the building of muscle and increase strength, as well as changing the genetic expression of myostatin. Yes, that’s right, a training wear that changes you on a genetic level!

We then further made these into reality, where we tested them in multiple arenas of sports, and training results.

After vigorous testing, we were very happy with our results, as they matched the results of the independent researchers around the globe. Most importantly, are the increase in HGH, muscle fiber gains, an increase in multi-directional strength results, significant myostatin decrease, and conversion of fast-twitch muscle fibres to slow-twitch fibres.

With no risks or dangers of any sort that is any greater than in conventional training, as we have little to no fibre damage due to dealing with low weight.

All the data is pointed out in the following chart.



VOTwear is humble to be able to announce the next step in the evolution of training, and excited to take you on the series of voyages where we will be emancipating groundbreaking smart clothing that directly benefits your strength gains, muscle growth and overall health through nothing but training apparel!

“The evolution of training has only begun... and you are already behind.”