173 Day occlusion training-wear Transformation

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Philip, undergoes a 173 days transformation with the HTM1, where he works with votwears occlusion training wear every other week in combination with heavy weight lifting. Watch his journey below.


Who is Philip? 

Philip van der Werve, 27 years of age. He runs a autotransport company in Norway that has more then doubled its size for the last 5 years straight. Working 15/18 hours a day and sharing a 50/50 custody for his daughter of 4 year. So he can only train every other week, while doing some body-weight occluded 10 min workouts at home during the weeks he is with his daughter.

He has been competing in motocross previously, from the age of 9 to 18. Where he always qualified for the Norwegian championships in his age class many years in a row, though never won any.

During his time competing, he sustained approximately 10 broken bones and 15/25 dislocations of both shoulders, right shoulder taking most of those injuries. He also sustained lower back problems from this career, suffering alot from its recovery.

"Through training i thought it would be better. But this didn't work. BUT, the last 6 months of following and implementing occlusion training into a program has removed almost all the pain. And i have had zero repeated dislocations! "
- Philip van der Werve

After suffering over 20 bilateral dislocations in both his shoulders, heavy weight training wasn't an option for him due to the increase risk of repeated dislocation that occurs with each incident, as well as the fact that he has fractured both wrists during his time as a motocross athlete, so he became the perfect challenge for votwear. 

Starting out at 94kg bodyweight and only managing a deadlift of 120kg, to ending at 104kg bodyweight and 200kg deadlift, we quickly got him to the best shape of his life.

How did he do it? 

The prescription for his routine was a simple 80% weightlifting and 20% occlusion training at the end. To build up his tendon strength with the regular heavy weight lifting, then flush his system with anabolic hormones and accelerate his muscle growth by ending the workout with occlusion training supplied by votwears occluion training wear;  HTM1 (hypertrophy manual 1) .

Because he runs his own transportation company, the workout was divided on a weekly basis. One week of weights using the Occlusion training Wear as a finisher. And one week of active rest. Meaning 10min a day body-weight training like push-ups, pullups, but again, with the Occlusion training wear (on level 4 occlusion). 

This was the regimen for the next 170 days, causing him to add more muscle mass and strength than ever before.

Join us, as we go through his above 5 month journey in less than 10 minutes below.

If you are one of the few that do not possess this amazing tool of transformation. Get yours here! 

If you are one of the few that do not possess this amazing tool of transformation. Get yours here! 

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